about the artist

Ewelina Kluss was born in Warsaw in 1980. It is where she lives and creates. She has been familiar with oil painting since childhood. Her aunt and grandmother were artists, and it was her grandma who gave her a gift of her own paints, believing that she would inspire her with her passion. She wasn’t wrong. Ewelina began painting her first oil paintings as a teenager, studying the beauty and oil painting techniques.

She gained her professional artistic skills at the Slade School of Fine Art- UCL in London and at the ART ACADEMY in London, where she took theoretical and practical classes taught by outstanding professors. Her postgraduate studies for Art dealers and Art Collectors organized by the Polish Academy of Sciences and The Association of Polish Artists and Designers made her knowledgeable in the trends and rules, which affect the art market. She also studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, where she completed her postgraduate studies in Painting and Drawing.

Each painting of this artist is the result of a very expressive spread of oil paint. Convex, sometimes multi-layered textures, bold colors and mysterious energy are the main characteristics of her style.

Painting is an extension of my thoughts, my state of mind, my paint-scented everyday life. I never treated my university studies, courses or lessons as compulsory. I perceived them as a reward, a form of relaxation or motivation and, of course, self-improvement. I know I will never cease to learn and explore new opportunities that open up to me time and time again.